New Orleans is a proud city that’s faced many challenges and features a long, rich heritage of delicious food. We feel at home here. The Big Cheezy has always been on a mission to provide food that “hits the spot” every time. That’s why we chose grilled cheese in the first place! As a comfort food that’s hundreds of years old, it has clearly proven its popularity with the masses. We weren’t content, however, to stick with generic grilled cheese sandwiches. There are too many other ingredients just waiting to be added! We’ve innovated over the years, always pursuing the perfect sandwich, and you get to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

Our New Orleans grilled cheese sandwich location offers something for everyone. Maybe you just need an adventure. We’ve got you! Try the Crazy Old Goat, a combination of goat cheese, Monterey Jack, grilled green peppers, applewood smoked bacon, and our very own red pepper jelly on multigrain bread. You’ll have to take some time to really enjoy everything going on in each bite! Maybe you want something a big closer to a traditional sandwich, but with a little interest still. Try the Pig in a Blanket. It consists of ham, cheddar, spicy brown mustard, and our very own sweet and spicy pickles on country white bread. If you have a combination you want to try, you can build your own sandwich!

Enjoy the best that New Orleans has to offer with The Big Cheezy keeping you energized! Check out our menu to see options for sides and more!