Relationships have many ups and downs. It’s part of how they make us better people. Some of us are very social while others can’t stand people,  but we all need connections to other humans. We may get most of that need fulfilled by our family, friends, or significant others. The thing is, humans aren’t perfect and grilled cheese is. That means, if you try to stack a relationship against a grilled cheese sandwich, the relationship will lose. Don’t believe us? Read on – we have the proof!

Grilled cheese doesn’t care if you’re desperate (or apathetic)

  • When one person is more invested in a relationship than another, things get awkward. Suddenly, terms like “smothering” and “commitment” are flying around, and everything sucks. Whether you’re the one wishing for deeper commitment or the one worried that you can’t dive that deep, you can turn to grilled cheese. A grilled cheese sandwich will be pleasant and nourishing if you don’t care, and if you do, it will meet your needs by being rich, warm, and delicious. Let’s see broccoli try and do that. Or toast. Toast doesn’t deliver the same protein and gooey wonder. Grilled cheese wins every time.

Grilled cheese is versatile

  • You may need something from a person, but if he or she isn’t ready to deliver, you’re out of options. You can’t change people. However, you can change a grilled cheese sandwich. Feeling a pumpernickel vibe? Good to go. Craving Velveeta? Sure! What if you love goat cheese mixed with garlic and figs? Go for it! You can make your grilled cheese sandwich whatever you need it to be. It will be wonderfully comforting no matter what bread or cheese you use. This wonderful truth is foundational to The Big Cheezy, where we push the limits of grilled cheese because it’s fun!

Grilled cheese doesn’t demand things of you

  • We’ve all reached the end of an exhausting day and gotten that text or phone call asking us to come over, buy food, or just talk. Being able to meet peoples’ needs is generally a privilege, but there are times where enough is enough. You need a safe place. We have one for you: a grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, food can be a place. The only thing a grilled cheese sandwich will ever as of you is that you enjoy yourself and forget your troubles. In a world full of distress and pain, let grilled cheese be your refuge.

At the end of the day, grilled cheese sandwiches are superior because they minster to both your stomach and your mental health. Whether you want a flavorful adventure or a traditional sandwich like your mom used to make, The Big Cheezy is ready to deliver. And by deliver, we mean literally. You can get our sandwiches delivered to your front door, or you can make an event of it and visit our restaurant with friends or family. Either way, we are excited to share our melty creations with you in New Orleans!

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