Are you in a relationship? Even if you don’t have a significant other, we know you’ve experienced the benefits of relationships. Whether it’s a family member supporting you through difficult times or a boyfriend giving you the best birthday ever, relationships enrich life and people simultaneously. Of course, they can be very painful, but usually, they offer more good than bad. Unfortunately, when you stack that up against a grilled cheese sandwich, the sandwich always wins. Why? Because the sandwich only offers good stuff!

Grilled cheese doesn’t care if you haven’t showered

  • Let’s face it: staying fragrant is a tiring job. Life just doesn’t seem to support it. It’s always making us sweat and planting dirt on our skin. Showering daily is a pain. You step into the shower feeling like you were just there … because you were. Why do we do it? Because we want people to think well of us. They don’t like it when we’re stinky, so we wash up. However, we all have to take a break from bathing once in a while. A grilled cheese will silently support your decision and be entirely non-judgmental. If you order delivery from us, we promise not to judge when we drop it off at your door!

Grilled cheese is dependable

  • We all know people aren’t perfect. Sometimes they forget a scheduled lunch … or anniversary celebration. Sometimes they say they have your back, but they don’t act like it. It’s just part of being human. Fortunately, grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t humans. They’re delicious, warm, gooey marvels that will be there for you whether it’s six in the morning or eleven at night. They’ll be there when you’re drunk, when you’re sick, and when you’re hungry. This kind of consistency can make your life much better, so don’t miss out!

Grilled cheese just wants to make you happy

  • In good relationships, people do want each other to be happy. However, humans are more complex than that: they want to be happy, too. This can create conflicts and tensions that give you indigestion. Thankfully, a grilled cheese sandwich won’t give you indigestion (unless you’re allergic to dairy, in which case, we are very sorry). A grilled cheese sandwich is on a mission to be warm and comforting, which means that whether you visit our restaurant or order in, you’ll get a sandwich that just wants you to be happy. Talk about something that will turn your day around!

The Big Cheezy is in the business of giving people what they need most: grilled cheese sandwiches. We’ve gone crazy and designed all different tastes and varieties, but no matter what you order, you can rest assured that you’ll get something warm, melty, and wonderful. We encourage you to visit us so we can get to know you, but if it’s just one of those nights (or mornings or afternoons) where you don’t want to leave the house, get our sandwiches delivered. You won’t regret it. They don’t call grilled cheese sandwiches the ultimate comfort food for nothing!

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