Did you know that grilled cheese sandwiches helped the United States win WWI and WWII?

If you don’t, you need to go back and read our last blog. We have been exploring the adventurous history of our favorite gooey food, and as it turns out, Kraft cheese was a staple in both wars because it is such a great source of protein. That means that once you eat a grilled cheese sandwich from The Big Cheezy, you can face anything and win. Sounds good, right? Well, there’s more!

  • During the Great Depression, Kraft cheese kept families alive by being cheap and filling. Over eight million boxes of macaroni and cheese were sold during that difficult time. In order to supply needed protein, school cafeterias served tomato soup with their grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s amazing to think that the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich combination came from such a difficult time.
  • As grilled cheese became more and more popular, people began adding other ingredients to their sandwiches. Their creativity forms the foundation for what we do at The Big Cheezy. We are proud to be contributing to such a delicious art form!
  • In 1949, the Kraft Single that has been so central in countless sandwiches came into being. These individually-wrapped slices of cheese made sandwich-making much easier, and since then grilled cheese has gone on strong. Today, grilled cheese is going stronger than ever, as restaurants like The Big Cheezy bring expert cuisine experience to comfort food.

Do not miss out on the best grilled cheese available in New Orleans, Kenner, and the French Quarter. We look forward to meeting you!