Do you like eating history? We do. That’s why we create so many grilled cheese sandwiches every day. The grilled cheese sandwich has its roots back in ancient times, when Romans would melt cheese on bread. Since then, it has become more complex and advanced – though simple bread and cheese will always be one of the ultimate comfort foods.

In our last blog, we reviewed the history of grilled cheese, including the role that James L. Craft’s cheese played in its popularity. Today, we are going to see grilled cheese become an established part of American culture.

  • At their earliest, grilled cheese sandwiches didn’t involve slices of cheese. The cheese was usually grated and mixed with salad dressing, mustard, or white sauce, before being put on buttered bread to be toasted. They were called “Toasted Cheese Sandwiches,” which is a more accurate name if you think about – many grilled cheese sandwiches are not, in fact, grilled.
  • When you eat a grilled cheese sandwich, you’re eating a sandwich that helped the US win World Wars I and II. The United States Army bought about six million pounds of Kraft cheese and in WWI and the sandwiches were a staple in the Navy during WWII.

We know that you’re feeling the need to chow down on a grilled cheese sandwich right now. With locations in Kenner, New Orleans, and the French Quarter, we are here to help. We also deliver in New Orleans, so if you’re having a cozy night in, you don’t have to leave your home! Contact us today!

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