We’ve had a great time in our latest blogs! We absolutely love grilled cheese, and exploring the way other countries enjoy their bread and cheese just makes our mouths water. So far, we have visited Brazil, the United Kingdom, and France. Each country has its own twist on grilled cheese, and each one looks phenomenal.

Today, we need to take you to Venezuela. If you love grilled cheese like we do, you will love what these Native Americans have done with their bread and cheese!


  • If you find yourself in Venezuela, you need to track down an arepa de queso. The first building block of this delicious treat is a corn cake stuffed with spices and meat. After being cooked on a cast iron skillet, cheese from a local farm is added and the cake is grilled again. You get the best of everything – meat and cheese together.
  • This is an ancient food that has been made since before any European colonization happened. The word “erepa” means cornbread, but arepas have been made with yucca flour (cassava), too.

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