At The Big Cheezy, we offer a grilled cheese experience you won’t find anywhere else. Each one of our sandwiches is made to take you to a new place. However, if you have the chance to actually visit somewhere across the globe, you can rest assured that melted cheese and bread will show up. Many cultures love this delicious treat, and they each have a unique way of delivering it.

In our last blog, we looked at the Bauru sandwich from Brazil. Today, we cross the Atlantic and head north to the United Kingdom!


  • If you find yourself needing something warm and comforting after scurrying through the rain under an umbrella, head into the nearest pub and ask for Welsh Rarebit. This phenomenal treat consists of cheddar cheese mixed with ale and then poured over toasted bread. The whole thing is then broiled which darkens the cheese and makes the center perfectly gooey and hot.
  • According to legend, this old recipe used to be called “Welsh rabbit.” Apparently, Welsh weren’t allowed to eat rabbits at taverns, so they put cheese on the bread instead.

Whether you can get to the United Kingdom or not, you can rest assured that delightful, cheesy treats are accessible to you if you live in New Orleans, the French Quarter, or Kenner. Our menus are bursting with new combinations of flavors you have to try! That being said, if you are in the mood to return to your roots and have a simple grilled cheese sandwich, we can help you there, too. Visit today!

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