When it’s time to chow down, there’s nothing better than a gooey grilled cheese sandwich! However, if you’re not in the United States, you may have trouble accessing the traditional American grilled cheese! We have good news for you: many other countries love bread and cheese together. This is your opportunity to try something new! Are you game?

In our last blog, we discussed how to get your grilled cheese fix in the United Kingdom by ordering Welsh Rarebit. Today, we hop across the English Channel to France!


  • Enjoy gazing at the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a Croque Monsieur. This sandwich is filled with ham and melted Gruyere cheese, which would already be delicious … but it doesn’t stop there! Bechamel sauce, a herb-rich white sauce, is poured over the sandwich, soaking the bread in creamy richness. More Gruyere cheese is piled on top. After that, the whole sandwich is broiled for that mouthwatering crust on the cheese.
  • If you can eat one of these while sitting in an open-air cafe and people-watching, don’t hesitate – do it!

Even if you cannot make it to France, you can still get delicious grilled cheese from The Big Cheezy. We are located in Kenner, New Orleans, and the French Quarter. We also deliver in New Orleans. Each of our menus has been tailored to each location, because we are on a mission to provide different experiences for all of our customers. And the best thing is, we are always pushing the limits of grilled cheese. Visit today to taste our new discoveries!

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