It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve visited New Orleans – there is always something new to explore. This beautiful city is the perfect home of The Big Cheezy, where we are always seeking new ways to present grilled cheese.  Whether you need a traditional grilled cheese fix or you think a menu item called “The Old Goat” sounds fun, The Big Cheezy will always answer your call.

A grilled cheese sandwich from The Big Cheezy is the perfect addition to any adventure in New Orleans. If you have never visited this historical city, we have some great options for you!

The Garden District

This is the perfect place to stroll and breathe. A prosperous residential area, it features many 19th century houses that have large gardens. Enjoy the work that has gone into the homes and the gardens for over a century while drinking iced coffee from one of the coffee shops. If you want to know more of the homes’ background, there are companies that offer guided tours.

Bourbon Street

This is New Orlean’s best-known street, and the center of all Mardi Gras celebrations. It’s located in the French Quarter, where we have another restaurant, so you will always have access to our delicious grilled cheese! You will find wonderful dining options, hot jazz, and many other kinds of entertainment. It is most lively at night, so plan accordingly.

A sandwich from The Big Cheezy is the perfect fuel for New Orleans adventures … or the perfect reward at the end of a long day. Explore our menu and visit us to find your new favorite sandwich!