In our last blog, we went over two great places to visit in New Orleans. However, New Orleans has so much to offer, we need one more blog to discuss two more great options available to you when you visit this beautiful, historical city.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention The Big Cheezy locations in New Orleans and the French Quarter. We are here to fill you up after a long day of adventuring – or to give you the energy to have a rewarding day! Our delicious grilled cheese menu ranges from simple grilled cheese to unique creations we have designed ourselves. Let us be the wonderful beginning or end to your day!

Louisiana State Museum in the Cabildo

This old residence of the Spanish governor was built in 1795. It was the location of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. A fire damaged it in the 1980s, but it was restored and reopened in 1994. Today, it houses materials that represent the history of New Orleans and the region. It is a great opportunity to visit a truly American historical site.

Preservation Hall

This old building is so unassuming, you miss it if you don’t know where to look. It has been a significant institution in the New Orleans Jazz scene for decades. Local jazz artists still perform there, and its intimate setting makes it a much-desired location.

There are so many ways to experience New Orleans! We love our hometown, and are proud to feature locations in the French Quarter, New Orleans, and Kenner. Check out our menu and come in for a visit today!