Kenner is a beautiful city that’s just a few minutes from downtown New Orleans. It’s a perfect place to go when you need to get away from the bright hustle and bustle. The good news is, there’s a Big Cheezy restaurant there, ready to serve you delicious grilled cheese concoctions.

After you have eaten, you will probably want to walk it off – as one must do after eating anything worthwhile. We encourage you to check out Rivertown. It’s the heart of Kenner, and it will enchant you. Whether you are on a date, killing time with friends, or having a fun time out with your friends, Rivertown has something for you. Simply walking down the cobbled sidewalks on a quiet evening can be the most rewarding thing in the world!

  • Visit the Kenner Planetarium and let your eyes be dazzled by the heavens.
  • The Castle Theater is sure to have something playing that everyone can enjoy. If things are getting too toasty in the afternoon, it is a great place to retreat until the cool of evening.
  • Kids and adults alike will be thrilled by the Rivertown Space Science Complex. Learn more about the exciting universe around us, as well as the ingenuity of the humans exploring it.
  • Visit Heritage Park every Friday for free music from 6:30-9:30 … and then come back on Saturday at 8 for free outdoor movies!

Kenner has a lot to offer, including The Big Cheezy! Visit this pretty Louisiana town, indulge yourself, and relax with the best comfort food in the world!